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Having struggled to find a Guestbook that we liked for our wedding day, we decided to create an interactive, unique and different Guestbook idea that is perfect for the coffee table and that we are confident your guests and you will enjoy for years to come!

For our special day, we used our Guestbook as a time filler while we were having our photo’s taken. Each guest found a page from the guest book at their seat with various coloured pens on the table for them to not only get creative but to get the conversation at each table flowing – a great ice-breaker and it turned out to be a HUGE success.

After our wonderful day, we put all of the pages together to complete the Guestbook and we can’t explain how much we thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the guest’s comments. People have such a great sense of humour and it’s fabulous to relive the day through others great memories. We had such an overwhelming positive response that we decided to offer our unique, one of a kind guestbook to the world!

We are sure that you will enjoy your Guestbook just as much as we did.

Best wishes
The Guestbook Company